Yosemite Tours: Our Mascot and Friends
**Come and enjoy spring in Yosemite with us**
Day Use Permit Not Required To Take Any Of Our Tours

Yosemite is open and we are running small group tours. If someone in your party is higher-risk or concerned about being in a confined space with other people, you are advised to consider scheduling a private tour. Although we are taking all the precautions possible to reduce the chance of Coronavirus infection you will be touring at your own risk. Since 6′ distancing is not possible on the bus, CDC guidelines require that guests wear a face mask while on the bus. If you have a reservation and you feel ill or you have knowingly been exposed to Coronavirus please let us know prior to your tour date. View full Covid guidelines.

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Our Mascot and Friends

Mouse over our friends to see what they really look like!


Mascot/Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel

Howdy! My name is Gabriel. I’m Discover Yosemite’s mascot. Do you know what kind of animal I am? I’m a Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel. I AM NOT A CHIPMUNK. Yes, I look like a chipmunk, but I repeat, I AM NOT A CHIPMUNK!!!!!!!! My favorite place to be is in the Giant Sequoia grove watching the tour buses go by. You can also see me at Tunnel View. If you look really close, you’ll see me scurrying around on the ground. My short ears and golden head will tell you that I am a ground squirrel.

I love people food, but it’s sooooo bad for me. It makes me sick! And you know what else? I stuffed my burrow full of it last winter and it all rotted before spring. I ran out of food and almost didn’t survive. So please don’t tempt me by throwing all that delicious people food at me. I need to stick to my nuts and berries and grass seeds. And PLEASE DO NOT feed my friends either: they need their own food, too. We can all find plenty of food on our own!

You might see my friends when you’re in Yosemite. Let me introduce you to them.


Mariposa Brush Rabbit

Hi! My name is Jack, and I am a Mariposa Brush Rabbit. You can tell who I am because I have shorter ears than most rabbits. I live in the brush, and I eat grass and flowers. I also really love my brothers and sisters. I don’t know what I would do if one of them got lost. The same goes for you, kids, I don’t want you to get lost either so please stay with your group when you are on the tour. I want you to be safe!


Black Bear

What’s Up? My name is Colby, and I’m a Black bear! I know I don’t look black. I’m more of a cinnamon color. But people still call me black. (I’m not sure why. Humans are weird.) I’ll eat anything and everything that I can get my paws on so don’t leave any food lying around in the park. And don’t leave coolers in sight, either! I know you humans carry food in those. I’ll not only tear those apart looking for food, I’ll rip a car door off it’s hinges if I see a cooler inside. I just can’t resist temptation! So hide all that from me and we’ll all be happier.


Mule Deer

Hello! My name is Brie, I am a Mule deer. You are almost sure to see me when you go to Yosemite! My coat is brown and I am very graceful. My favorite food is deer brush and snow brush. You know what else I love? That lush, green grass on the Wawona Golf Course. You might see me browsing there. I usually flick my ears, and when I am scared I raise my tail. I like to watch people from afar. If you get too close I will run away, so don’t try to catch me.


Steller’s Jay

Hey! My name is Stilton. I’m a Steller’s Jay. My feathers are blue. Guess what, I’m one of the loudest birds in Yosemite!!!! You can see me perched in trees or on logs, and you can hear me from a long way away. I have more of a screech than a song, and when you hear me you’ll know exactly who I am. I am almost as curious as coyote, so don’t be surprised if you see me sitting in a tree watching you. You know one of the things I hate the most? When I see people throwing trash on the ground. This is my home and I want to keep it clean and safe for ALL of my friends. So please throw away all of your trash!

Remember, kids, you will be coming to see us in our natural homes so please be respectful of the park. Also remember that we are wild animals so don’t try to feed or touch us. We can’t wait for you to come and…Discover Yosemite!

“Nature is a good mother, and sees to the clothing of her many bairns…birds with smoothly imbricated feathers, beetles with shining jackets, and bears with shaggy furs.” – John Muir