Picnic Lunch choices included on Full Day Tours, and Full Day Private Tours

Includes chips, fresh whole fruit, water and soft drinks

  • Turkey and provolone on wheat bread
  • Roast beef and cheddar on sourdough bread
  • Ham and Swiss on white bread
  • Veggie with avocado, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, wax peppers on wheat bread
  • American cheese on white bread
  • Peanut butter & Jelly on white bread

Condiments come on the side
**Menu items subject to change without notice​​**
Water will be available throughout the day.

Picnic Dinner offered on Sunset/Full Moon Private Tour

Includes chips, whole fresh fruit, small green salad, cookie, water, soft drinks and sparkling apple cider.

  • Turkey Wrap-with Swiss cheese
  • Roast Beef Wrap-with jack
  • Chicken Wrap-with jack cheese and ranch
  • Ham Wrap-with Swiss cheese
  • Veggie Wrap-with provolone cheese, avocado, cucumber, sprouts, whipped cream cheese
  • Turkey Sandwich-Sliced turkey and American cheese on white bread

All wraps are made with a classic spinach wrap and include lettuce, tomato, pickle, wax peppers and onion. Mustard and Mayo on the side

You are welcome to bring a bottle of wine along if you would like. We will provide plastic wine cups.