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Horsetail Fall Tour

Last two weeks in February
Horsetail Fall is one of the most unpretentious of the Yosemite waterfalls. Its name aptly describes Horsetail’s wispy descent from the rim of El Capitan. Its modest size, its short season (it flows only from December through April) and its elevation high above the valley floor render Horsetail Fall virtually invisible to most eyes.

But even this inconspicuous waterfall has its moment of glory. In late February, if conditions are right, the last rays of sunlight set Horsetail Fall ablaze against the deeply shadowed cliffs, transforming it, visually, from water to fire. Photographers go to great lengths to capture this phenomenon, and those who witnessed the manmade firefalls on Glacier Point (discontinued in 1968) find their own memories rekindled.

Horsetail Fall

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