Saul Singleton

Tour Guide/Hiking Guide

“Ask me about the unique experience I had giving a one-of-a-kind tour for Middle Eastern royalty.” – Saul

I grew up in Northern Utah, where I was introduced to hiking and backpacking by my Dad. It was there that I developed a true love for the mountains.

I spent my college years hiking the Coastal Mountains of Central California. I began my exploration of the Sierra Nevada Mountains after moving to the Yosemite area in 1984. I found my true calling in 1992 when I became a professional tour guide and hiking guide in Yosemite. My love of the Sierra and experience as a guide allow me to share with you a unique and passionate insight into Yosemite.

The tremendous forces of nature, from thunderstorms and forest fires, to freezing winters, floods and rockslides, will keep Yosemite forever changing. I am still discovering Yosemite, as the dramatic turn of each season brings new color, life and opportunities for exploration. I am always thrilled to invite new people from all walks of life and from all over the world to share my excitement as we discover Yosemite together.


Marsha Eason

Tour Guide/Story Teller

“Ask me about my back country trip out of Cedar Grove, where a bear followed us from camp site to camp site.” – Marsha

I was fortunate enough to grow up with grandparents and parents who worked in, lived in and loved the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.

My grandfather, Herbert E. Wilson, was the author of a book called The Lore and the Lure of Yosemite. He was a naturalist and story teller and participated in the memorable fire falls at Curry Village.

I was born and raised on a cattle ranch in Three Rivers, which sits at the base of Sequoia National Park. I was introduced to the back country of the Sierra by my father, who was a packer in his youth and owner/operator of Horse Corral Pack Station. Vacations were trips to the high country where the days were spent hiking, fly fishing and learning about the many mysteries of Mother Nature.

In 1999, after working in the medical field for 20 years, my husband Wayne and I decided to return to the mountains we grew up in. I have been guiding visitors through the wonder of Yosemite ever since. I love sharing both my experiences of these mountains and the history of the people that were here long before us. The beauty is here for all to see, but it doesn’t mean anything unless you hear the story. I reside in O’Neals, below the South Gate of Yosemite and on the Scenic Byway.

Grant Bishop

Tour Guide/Hiking Guide

“Ask me about the time when my guests and I saw a wedding in the sky.” – Grant

I grew up in Southern California where I lived with my parents. We would come to the Yosemite area in the summers to camp, fish and hike. We loved it so much, the day after my high school graduation we moved here.

I have spent a lot of time hiking in Yosemite as well as in North Fork, Mammoth Pools and on the Scenic Byway. I enjoy reading books about Yosemite and it has been great working with Discover Yosemite because I love to share what I learn with my guests. My favorite area to explore and share is near El Capitan.


Koki Bishop

Driver/Tour Guide

“Ask me about the time I saw a Mama Bear and cubs in the Valley” – Koki

I grew up in a town named Covina in Southern California. My husband and I fell in love with the Mariposa/Oakhurst area while visiting friends who had moved here. We bought a vacation home; then decided to move here full time in 1987.

During the school year I am a school bus driver. When I began driving 89-passenger school buses on the winding Mariposa roads I knew I’d found my niche. I truly enjoy being outdoors every day and getting to know the children. I’ve been driving school buses for 18 years now. I am very thankful to live and work in such a beautiful environment, with clear skies and lots of trees.

I also love having the opportunity to drive and give tours in the summer when the kids are on summer break. Even though I’m still working, I feel like I’m on vacation too. I especially enjoy seeing my guests’ excitement when they encounter the incredible beauty of Yosemite.

Photo of Jeff with a mountain and clouds behind him.

Jeff Gooch

Tour Guide/Hiking Guide

“Whether you’re looking to see Yosemite’s classic views or spend the whole day in the backcountry, I’d love to take share Yosemite with you.” – Jeff

40 years ago, I was very lucky to have been born in Central Valley Fresno where this beautiful landmark is just a short drive away. In 2011 I moved to Coarsegold to further enjoy the mountain life and gain as much knowledge as possible. Nothing makes me happier than to share my love for beautiful Yosemite with others.

I believe everyone should experience this magical part of the world. A place to come and recharge your internal battery while taking in all the wonderful landscape.
Come and discover Yosemite with me.

Photo of man in hat with wood behind him

Rick Miles

Tour Guide/Hiking Guide/Photographer
I am a native Californian whose grandparents first came to the Yosemite area in the early 1940’s. I grew up skiing in Yosemite and have over 35 years of experience exploring and backpacking extensively in the Yosemite and southern Sierra Nevada backcountry. I also have a strong classic photography background having studied Ansel Adams’ Zone System and producing his own silver gelatin photographs as a way to share his experiences.

photo of man with van and trees behind him

Jarrett Smith

Tour Guide/Hiking Guide
I grew up in Clovis, California with a grand view of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Luckily my dad grew up in these mountains so he and my mom would take me and my sister on adventures whenever they could. We explored in every way possible but hiking was always my favorite activity especially in Yosemite. We went on a hike to the top of Yosemite Falls when I was 13 and that got me hooked! By the time I turned 16 and acquired my driver’s license, my friends and I were taking our own adventures to the mountains.

In my early 20s I began backpacking and became obsessed with navigating deeper into the high country that I called my back yard. In 2005 I did an internship for college at a mountain resort near Yosemite and have called the mountains my home ever since.

My favorite adventurers now are my kids and we have fun exploring new places together.
I turned my love for nature and need to explore into sharing my excitement for Yosemite with by doing tours. I love that I can finally call Yosemite my office.

photo of man with El Capitan mountain behind him

Dave Lownsbury

Tour Guide/Hiking Guide
My wife and I moved our family to Oakhurst in 1991 and raised four children. I remember taking our family into Yosemite for the first time, it was magical. We enjoyed the four seasons and made countless trips over many years. Yosemite is truly a national treasure and has things to see that you cannot experience anywhere else in the world!

I love to serve people and share in their experience and awe of Yosemite!

It would be my pleasure to share my knowledge, show you the highlights, hike and do my best to ensure a memorable experience.

photo of man in ski cap

Phil Ireland

Tour Guide/Hiking Guide/Photographer
In my first month in the newsroom as a cub print reporter in 1994, I overheard a few photographers and a reporter talking about their plan for an upcoming Sierra backpack. I sidled up and jumped in – because, well, that’s what I do. “Yes” is my standard answer. It’s landed me in me trouble a few times. But way more often than not, YES! leads to something new, challenging, exciting and fun. I said yes to those ink-stained wretches in 1994 and ever since, we’ve been traipsing up and down mountains, diving into frigid high mountain lakes, taking photos and making videos, telling stories and always laughing. Our kids grew up together, our dogs have jousted, our friendships and our lives have intertwined like the roots of the Giant Sequoia.

As a writer, poet, educator, journalist, spoken word dilettante, photographer, video producer and tour guide, communication is the thread that binds my life. Storytelling is my very breath. So, in our tours you can expect to hear stories of this magnificent place called Yosemite; bear encounters, fish stories, flora and fauna, the region’s history, its people – both ancient and modern. You’ll get the local knowledge on places to explore, hikes off the beaten path, hidden waterfalls, places to eat. Bring your questions!

black and white photo of man holding puppy

Russell Mims

Tour Guide

“Ask me about the time I had an Awahneechee descendant on my tour.” -Russell

I had visited Yosemite several times growing up, camping and hiking with my family. When I met my wife, we would come up to Bass Lake every summer for a family reunion, a 75 year tradition still going strong. We would always take the opportunity to get into the park. We fell in love with Yosemite, and the surrounding area and thinking, perhaps it was time for a change.

In 2013 while camping at Bass Lake we took a look at some of the homes available in the area. We made an offer and it was accepted before we made it back to Orange County. We sold our house and moved here within 3 months. We’re now just minutes away from the south gate.

I began giving tours in 2019 as a part time job. I now split my time between sitting behind a computer and enjoying the natural beauty of the park with my guests. My favorite part about taking people to Yosemite is sharing it’s natural beauty, it’s turbulent history and watching the guests’ faces light up when seeing the park for their first time.

I’d always joked that in another life I would have been a forest ranger. Giving tours is the next best thing. I get to share my passion for the mountains and meet people from all over the world.


Lynn Fullmer

Tour Guide/ Hiking Guide

“Ask me about the time I walked on Tenaya Lake with my wife on New Year’s Day, 2012.” – Lynn

I was born and raised in Fresno. I enjoyed many camping and fishing adventures to various sites in the Sierra National Forest adjacent to Yosemite. Rides on the Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad intrigued me and I even attempted to replicate the setting in a HO scale model railroad at home. Many trips were made to Yosemite Valley to see the waterfalls.

In 1979 I moved to the Oakhurst area just outside the South Entrance to Yosemite National Park and operated an appliance repair business with my dad that my son now owns. Over the years there have been many more trips to Yosemite with friends and family. Everything is always in the same place but everything is always just a little different. Regardless of the season, the beauty, grandeur, and awesomeness of the rock formations and waterfalls never disappoint!

I’m looking forward to sharing the never ending beauty of Yosemite National Park with you on my next tour. From the Giant Sequoias to the mighty falls, from Glacier Point to El Capitan and of course, the picturesque Half Dome! Hope to see you soon!


Steve Riley

Tour Guide/ Hiking Guide

“Ask me about the Bear Cave.” – Steve

I grew up an “army brat” and lived all over the world – from Hawaii to Germany and many places in between. I discovered Yosemite after college, and loved it so much I moved there. While there, I got married and my wife and I had our two daughters as we lived in the Valley.

I also wrote a children’s book about a little raccoon that lived under my porch in Yosemite and that little book launched a new career. So now I am the author and illustrator of the Little Ty Cooney National Wonders Series, and I get to travel all over the country and teach kids about writing and illustrating and the Parks I love so much. While I am not traveling I love to take tours into Yosemite -it makes the park new all over again to show it off to folks who are less familiar with it than I am.


Jennifer Swartz

Reservation Specialist
Have you ever hiked along a mountain trail early on a crisp April morning, hundreds of feet above a river rushing through the rocky canyon below, just to catch a glimpse of springtime dew drops gracing the delicate petals of a wildflower?

Or when was the last time you camped among the pines to watch the moon rise above lonely, rugged mountain peaks? Can you picture yourself leaning back against a rock, to do nothing for the next hour except close your eyes and listen to the great symphony of nature?

I have lived in the Yosemite area for thirty-one years, and some of my most vivid memories come from times my family and I spent in our beautiful, majestic Yosemite National Park– hiking the waterfalls, picnicking in grassy meadows, and breathing in the clean air and refreshing smells of the great outdoors.

These memories have given me an appreciation of Yosemite that I love sharing with others. With ten years experience in customer service and the tourism industries, I can’t wait to take your call and make your reservation for a trip you’ll never forget as you DISCOVER YOSEMITE.

danaBioDana Richter-Vint

Reservation Specialist/Graphic Designer
I have been fortunate enough to be raised in the Sierra Nevada Mountains just a bus ride away from Yosemite National Park. As the daughter of a tour company founder I had the pleasure of spending my summers and school vacations in Yosemite. Even as a child the sights were awe-inspiring. I was able to learn many facts about Yosemite and different clues to remember these facts.

I learned how to ski in the park at Badger Pass, starting on Turtle, the bunny slope, at age 6 and racing past my mother not long after that. P.E. classes throughout grammar school included ski lessons at Badger once a week. I also have great memories of field trips to Yosemite and doing many school projects about the park. I have chosen to stay in this area to raise my son in the same surroundings that I love so much.

As a graphic designer I was given the opportunity to design the website for this company. It has brought back many memories from my childhood. I am excited to get back on a tour and Discover Yosemite once again. I will also be working the reservation desk and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Arin McKenna

Writer/Guest Guide
For years I dreamed of getting to Yosemite, and when I did I ended up staying for 10 years. I am still amazed that I managed not to drive off the road when I got my first view of Yosemite Valley. I have never lost my love for this truly awesome place. I began giving tours of Yosemite shortly after my arrival there and continued to do so until I moved to Northern New Mexico, my heart’s home.

I continued working as a tour guide in Santa Fe. At present I am a group leader/tour guide/teacher for Elderhostel. I hosted a radio interview program on the arts and culture of New Mexico for two and a half years and have been a freelance writer since 2004. My work can be found in the Special Issues of The Santa Fe New Mexican and the New Mexico Magazine. I have won national awards for both my writing and my radio interviews.

I was thrilled when Dee Ann asked if I’d write the text for this website. I was glad to have a chance to work with her again and to write about one of the places I love most on this earth. This project has brought back many lovely memories. So when Dee Ann asked if I might be interested in being a guest guide, I jumped at the chance to once again share this special place with visitors from all over the world.