Yosemite Full Moon Hike Experience – Discover Yosemite Tours

Yosemite Full Moon Hike Experience

My favorite Yosemite tour is the full moon hike to Sentinel Dome. It’s a fairly easy grade, and nobody had a problem with climbing the steep rock to get to the dome, even though some of the group were in their 70s! It does take a bit of agility, however people will help you up.

Once you are on top of Sentinel Dome, it feels like you’ve just climbed a mountain! The view of Half Dome from Sentinel is spectacular – you get to experience the gorgeous sunset and then wait for the lovely moon to rise while enjoying snacks and wine.

Other groups will likely be up there–people visiting Yosemite from all over the world. It’s fun to get to know them and experience the moon rise together.


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