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Treasures of Yosemite

Here’s how to play “Find the Treasures of Yosemite.” Look for each of the animals, plants or sights on this list. When you see it, check the box. If the question asks you to guess a name, write down what you think it is below the question. You should be able to find everything on this list in the summer. Some of these can’t be seen in the winter. Everyone who plays “Find the Treasures of Yosemite” receives a participation prize at the end of the day.

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1. Find the bird in Yosemite that we call the punk rocker (he looks like he has a Mohawk haircut).  He is one of the brightest birds in the park, with a deep blue body and a black head. What is its name?
2. There was a 2007 Disney movie that featured one of Yosemite’s cutest rodents. Can you find and name this creature? (Hint: he looks a lot like our mascot, but he’s smaller and he’ll be in trees instead of on the ground.)
3. There’s an animal that looks like a horse but doesn’t sound anything like a horse (hint: it’s very loud). The deer in Yosemite are named for this animal because their ears look alike. Can you find this deer and guess its name?
4. A famous land formation of the Yosemite Valley looks like Mother Nature took a very large knife and cut it in two.  Find this formation and see if you can guess what its name is.
5. There are very big trees in Yosemite that live well over 2,000 years.  These trees only grow in groves in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Their cones look like an egg.  Can you find and name these trees?
6. We don’t have wolves in Yosemite but we do have an animal that resembles them.  There is a famous old cartoon with one of these animals in it.  What are these animals called? Did you see one today?
7. Native Americans were the first people to inhabit Yosemite. The Black Oak Tree produces a seed they used for food. Find these seeds under the trees in Yosemite Valley. (But don’t pick them up! We need them to grow up and become more oak trees.) What are they?
8. Find the shape on the side of El Capitan that looks like something you might see on Valentine’s Day. What is it?
9. Our mascot Gabriel is a Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel. You are bound to see him begging on this tour, but don’t feed him! Our food makes him sick. Did you find him?

10. We have two trees that look so much alike, many people think they’re the same tree. Both have three needles in a clump, but one has very long needles and the other has shorter needles. The best way to tell these trees apart is to sniff the bark. The one with the shorter needles smells like vanilla. Find these trees and name them. (Check one box for each one you find.)
Important: make sure you only look and don’t pick anything up. The rule in the national parks is “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.” Everything you see in the park is important to the ecology, so please leave it where it belongs.